Reboots aren’t too surprising to hear about nowadays. They happen so often that it’s just become another Hollywood trend of sorts. So when they first announced that Pete’s Dragon would be the latest to get the remake treatment, it wasn’t too shocking to hear. Now they’ve found their perfect writer in David Lowery who is probably one of the hottest screenwriters out there right now.

Some of you may know the name David Lowery already, if you happened to be one of those lucky folk who went to Sundance this year. He wrote and directed Ain’t Them Bodies Saints which debuted at Sundance to solid reviews. But not only is he an accomplished writer and director, but he’s an editor too. He helped piece together Shane Carruth’s critically praised Sundance film Upstream Color which some critics are still talking about now. It left that much of an impression on them. And now Lowery is expanding his writing by tackling a Disney family film. He’ll be co-writing alongside Toby Halbrooks.

Pete’s Dragon was a Disney live-action/animation hybrid movie that was released back in the seventies. It centered on an orphan and his cartoon dragon who took shelter with the lighthouse keeper’s family in order to avoid his awful adoptive parents. The original was a musical but the remake won’t be following those footsteps. There’s no word as to who will be directing the picture as of yet.

Are you curious to see a Pete’s Dragon remake?

Source: Slashfilm