Daniel Craig

Following the long, uncertain gap between 2008’s Quantum of Solace and 2012’s excellent Skyfall (with Skyfall being delayed due to serious financial issues) one would assume that MGM and producers of the James Bond films would be rushing the as-yet unnamed 24th Bond film into production, especially because of Skyfall’s runaway success.  Not so, however—it appears that Bond 24 won’t be happening until at least 2016.

Yes, 2016—so it’s another four year gap total between Daniel Craig Bond films (Craig is signed on for two more Bond films total).  According to Cinema Blend, MGM Chairman and Chief Executive Gary Barber told film investors that Bond 24 is currently in the screenwriting stage, and would be ready in approximately three years.

Despite our greed for another film as good as Skyfall (which is both the most financially successful Bond film ever, as well as the seventh most financially successful film of all time, as Cinema Blend notes), we concede that it is heartening that MGM isn’t simply rushing headlong into a sequel to capitalize of Skyfall’s success; rather, they seem dedicated to taking their time and making the best Bond film possible, rather than giving us another Quantum of Solace.

What do you think of the Bond 24 news?

Source:  Cinema Blend