veronica mars

The Kickstarter project to fund the filming of the Veronica Mars major motion picture (and the subsequent $2 million success in just under 12 hours) has a lot of people talking about what this means for the industry, for the sustainability of cult film and TV properties, and fan-funded entertainment in general.  But what may slip through some of these thinkpieces is the film at the center of all this—the Veronica Mars spin-off itself.

Originally a cult TV series about a high school student (later college) who would solve mysteries, the Veronica Mars film will concern itself with the 10 year high school reunion of Veronica Mars and all of her fellow class-members of Neptune High School.  That much was announced with the Kickstarter project last week, but now we have even more details.

Entertainment Weekly (via Cinema Blend) has revealed that the film will center around the murder of a pop star.  Specifically, the character Logan will draft Veronica into aiding an investigation to discover who killed his girlfriend, the pop star.  Logan himself will be the prime suspect.

Meanwhile, the film will cover what happened in the intervening decade between the series and film, and will note that Veronica graduated from Stanford and then attended Columbia Law School.

Further, Cinema Blend notes that series creator Rob Thomas hopes to bring finished footage from the film to this year’s Comic Con in July.

What do you think of the Veronica Mars news?

Source: Cinema Blend