There are few shows that many talk about with such a feverish passion, and one of those is Game of Thrones. Since it’s premiere, audiences around the world have been absolutely hooked to the fantasy story. Now we’re a couple of weeks away from the premiere of season 3, and from the looks of these new trailers, we’re finally getting into the big battles we’ve been anticipating since the first season.

What’s one of the cool parts of this trailer? Well other than the constant scheming that’s going on in and out of castle walls, we want to see those dragons. One of the best points of this season’s marketing campaign is the Game of Thrones poster with the silhouette of a dragon flying across. Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) is finally going to rain some fiery hell on all who oppose her, and when you’ve got a dragon by your side, you stand a really good chance of winning whatever battle you’re facing.

Game of Thrones will be premiering its third season on Sunday, March 31st at 9 PM. We have to say it’s a very nice way to end an Easter sunday, by snuggling up in front of the television and watching an epic fantasy show such as this. Actually, that Easter weekend will be great for television watchers, between the premiere episodes of Game of Thrones and Doctor Who. Watch the new trailers below.

Are you excited for the latest season of Game of Thrones?

Source: Slashfilm