Halle Berry in TriStar Pictures thriller THE CALL.

Going into this weekend it looked like old comic hands might do better than a generic-looking Halle Berry thriller. But though neither The Incredible Burt Wonderstone nor The Call could outperform Oz: The Great and Powerful, the Jim Carrey-Steve Carell comedy flopped hard, while the thriller managed to outperform. Such is the box office.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Oz: The Great and Powerful $42,222,000 (-46.6) $10,793 $145,026,000
2 The Call $17,100,000 $6,821 $17,100,000
3 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone $10,305,000 $3,621 $10,305,000
4 Jack the Giant Slayer $6,220,000 (-36.8) $1,853 $53,913,000
5 Identity Thief $4,519,000 (-28.7)
$1,590 $123,706,000
6 Snitch $3,500,000 (-31.3) $1,487 $37,257,000
7 21 and Over $2,619,000 (-48.6) $1,080 $21,868,000
8 Silver Linings Playbook $2,587,000 (-28.5) $1,615 $124,613,000
9 Safe Haven $2,495,000 (-33.5) $1,131 $66,953,000
10 Escape From Planet Earth $2,327,000 (-27.7) $1,052 $52,166,000

Oz should easily clear $200 Million, but international is keeping pace with its domestic numbers, which means that with a $215 Million dollar budget, the film should squeak past profitability, but is by no means a home run. If that means they’ve generated enough interest for a sequel is undetermined, and it’s hard to say if The Croods or if Olympus has Fallen will hurt it. But considering how much it cost, it’s strange that it will start making money when it hits home video. A 46% second weekend decline doesn’t suggest long play.

Burt Wonderstone ate it and ate it hard. There’s no good way to spin those numbers, and it’s bad news for both Carell and Carrey. But it was likely the premise (and the lack of funny trailers) that killed it. The Call however is more than likely a case of right place and time for an audience that hadn’t seen a thriller in a while. Considering it was done fairly cheaply, the film should be quite profitable, and may lead to more Halle Berry thrillers.

It’s worth noting that A Good Day to Die Hard has already dropped out of the top ten. Audiences really didn’t like that picture. And it’s also worth noting that while John Carter was seen as a very public black eye for its makers and for Disney, that film made nearly $300 Million worldwide, whereas Jack the Giant Slayer is currently at $76 Million worldwide. Ouch.

Reality Check: I thought Wonderstone would do much better and The Call would do much worse. I whiffed it.

What did you watch this weekend?