Every once in awhile a story from the Bible will suddenly turn into one of the hottest projects in Hollywood. It’s a little strange when it happens but it’s true. This time around everybody’s putting their focus on the Book of Exodus, particularly the story of Moses. But now there’s two Exodus-centered pictures that are being developed at the same time (Exodus and Gods and Kings). Oh Hollywood, you’re so silly when you do stuff like this.

The first picture, Exodus, is a Ridley Scott production that’s been in development for quite some time at Twentieth Century Fox. They’ve gone through a few script drafts, the latest written out by Steve Zaillian who wrote Moneyball and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. They’re on the right track with their story, but now they need the right A-list actor in order to push it off into what they probably believe is possible Oscar territory. Ridley Scott and company have their eyes locked on Christian Bale to play the Egyptian prince turned savior for the Hebrew slaves. He’s still in negotiations but it wouldn’t surprise us at the least if he’s confirmed to play the role sometime soon.

Then there’s Gods and Kings, the other Moses picture that once had Steven Spielberg on board to direct. Now that he’s dropped off the project, Warner Bros is looking at Ang Lee to fill the void. After all, this is the guy who just won the Best Director Oscar for his latest picture. Why wouldn’t Warner Bros hire him? So they’re trying their best to win over Ang Lee. The film will focus on most of Moses’ life from his birth to when he dishes out the famous ten commandments. Whether Lee will commit to the project or not still remains a mystery.

Which of the two Moses films would you watch?

Source: Slashfilm / Slashfilm