The Lone Ranger comes out this summer, and it’s already being targeted as one of 2013′s misfires. For whatever ever reason (perhaps critics wanting to take shots at Johnny Depp for the last Pirates movie and for Dark Shadows, but also its inflated budget was made public before the film was shot), it’s already getting the John Carter treatment. But this latest trailer makes it look like it could be pretty entertaining.

And perhaps the difference with this trailer is that there’s less talking, and a bit more new footage. There’s nice usage of classic western landscapes, and for some reason the action looks better here, though the last shot is cartoonish. Digital effects have led to some of the worst transgressions against gravity and physics, but if the shot looks cool, then that’s enough. Here the trailer:

Armie Hammer looks good here, and though at this point it’s hard to see Helena Bonham Carter and not think of Tim Burton the film was directed by Gore Verbinski, who must be working out a Western fetish. We say that because his last film was Rango, and that film won Verbinski an Oscar (for best animated feature). The Lone Ranger is due to hit theaters July 3, so they have some time to turn the buzz around.

Are you excited for The Lone Ranger?