AMC’s hit show Mad Men is all about competition, secrets and lies amidst the glamour of the 60s advertising world. While Don Draper and company have been dealing with the ever-changing decade, they took some time out of their busy schedule to go to a party, of course.

These are no ordinary production photos of the cast. The images are set up more like we’re candidly peering into the lives of the main characters, and through their body language even shows who tolerates who. Betty (January Jones) and Meagan (Jessica Paré) don’t seem too pleased to be in the company of one another, which makes sense since they both have been in the sack with Don (Jon Hamm). And let’s not forget the unhappy family picture that shows basically how much has changed for all the characters between the start of the show to now.

Might I say that Meagan’s overall look is a bit reminiscent of the character Solitaire in the James Bond film Live And Let Die, especially in regards to her monstrous hair. Okay I know that Mad Men is still in the late 60s and that movie was released in the early 70s, but her style looks very similar.

Now we’re onto one of the final seasons of Mad Men, and while fans may be sad over this fact, that means we’ll be getting even juicier story lines as we make our way towards the end. The season premiere will air on Sunday, April 7th at 9/8 CT.

Are you looking forward to the latest season of Mad Men?

Source: The AV Club