Is there anybody from the original X-Men trilogy that won’t be in X-Men: Days of Future Past? Because at this point it looks as if every single major person who’s made an appearance in the trilogy will be in the upcoming time-traveling sequel. While we’re not entirely certain if a couple of main players will be returning, James McAvoy let it slip that one fuzzy blue elf will more than likely be in the Bryan Singer picture.

During an interview, actor James McAvoy let X-Men fans around the world know that Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler will be returning for the sequel. That means we should be seeing Alan Cumming popping back up as the teleporting mutant. At the same time a lot of the news surrounding Days of Future Past has been nothing but rumors, speculation as to who will be coming back, with not too many official confirmations. So for the time being we can cross our fingers and toes hoping that Alan Cumming is seriously coming back to play Nightcrawler, but for now we should probably handle this as an unconfirmed statement.

At the same time where would he fit in the X-Men movie universe? He exists in the original movie trilogy, but if you know the comic Days of Future Past his is one of many tombstones shown at the beginning, meaning that he’s dead. If Nightcrawler is in the film, then he’ll probably end up being one of the survivors of the grim mutant future who aids Kitty Pryde and company in their journey to save their past selves from this horrible fate.

Would you like to see Nightcrawler in the X-Men sequel?

Source: Slashfilm