Mad Men (TOP)

Matthew Weiner dropped yet another stylish poster for the upcoming season of Mad Men. As always, he loaded it with tons of intriguing clues, but revealed nothing (he loves to torture us, no doubt).  But this new ad is a lot different from ones we’ve seen these past few months. Take a look.

Weiner got 75-year-old veteran ad illustrator Brian Sanders to hand-draw this new poster. The New York Times profiled the artist, and went into a lot more detail about his career and this particular piece of artwork.

The poster, shows us two Don Drapers headed in different directions. Previous promos for season six have hinted that “there are definitely two sides to life,” – the personal and professional. But fans of the show know that Don’s double life goes all the way back to Dick Whitman. Could this new image have something to do with his past, or is it about his future?

The Don in the dark suit is holding someone’s hand, which could be Megan’s (looks like it), but it could also be the hand of another woman. The season five finale hinted that maybe Don would return to his former adulterous ways.

Other things to note are the police men in the background, and all of the street signs (which make this poster look like somewhat of a labyrinth). Mad Men returns April 7.

Here’s the poster:

Mad Men Poster

What’s your takeaway from the new poster? Feel free to share your interpretations.

[via /Film]