If you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months, then you haven’t heard the major changes that Disney and company are doing to the Star Wars franchise. Now that Star Wars: Episode VII is beginning pre-production, it’s time for Disney and Lucasfilm to renovate what’s going on in the Star Wars animation department. Some of you fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars may be a little upset once you hear the news.

First, they’re axing Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Now don’t worry, they’re not shutting down the animated series immediately, they’ll at least work up a good ending for the franchise. On top of that, Lucasfilm promised the fans that there’ll be bonus content outside of Cartoon Network that’ll be popping up online soon enough once the series has come to a close. But isn’t the only animated series that Lucasfilm is dealing with at the moment.

Last year at Star Wars Celebration VI Lucasfilm introduced fans to Detours, a new animated comedy series created by Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, and Todd Grimes. While fans were curious to see more of the kooky new show that took a different spin on some of our favorite Star Wars characters, we won’t be seeing any additional episodes for awhile. Lucasfilm decided to put the brakes on Detours but will end up making more episodes on a later date. For the time being they’re focusing their attention on a brand new Star Wars animated series.

Is your head spinning yet over the news? So here’s the gist of it: the only new episodes we’ll be getting of any Star Wars animated series is a brand new show. At the moment nobody has any idea as to what it’ll be about, but the stories for the animated shows they’ve created so far are great, so we’re confident they’ll deliver again on this new series.

Are you sad to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars end?

Source: Slashfilm