Horrible Bosses - Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman

Hey, look, just because a film’s plot is totally resolved beyond a doubt and the arc of all the major characters therein are totally completed doesn’t mean the story’s really over, right?  Right?  Ok, look—Horrible Bosses was filmed for $35 million in 2011.  In made $300 million in worldwide box office.  It’s getting a sequel, and we should just accept that.

There has been Horrible Bosses sequel talk for over a year, but it’s only now been confirmed that Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day will all reunite to reprise their roles for Horrible Bosses 2, and will once again be directed by Seth GordonJohn Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who scripted the original, will return to write the sequel.  It seems everyone but the “bosses” themselves are set to reprise whatever magic combination made the original film such a hit (and even that may change—Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Spacey may return for cameos; moreover, Jamie Foxx is in talks to reprise Motherf***er Jones, the murder consultant).

It’s hard to see how this film won’t just be a retread of the original—unless the three leads themselves become the horrible bosses—but, again: $35 million budget, $300 million profit.  You do the math.

What do you think of the Horrible Bosses 2 news?

Source: /Film