One of the first major films to be shown off at this year’s SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas was the highly anticipated reboot to the Evil Dead franchise. The remake already caught audiences’ attention, not only because they were starting from the beginning on a horror movie trilogy loved by many, but due to its disturbing scenes shown off in the trailer. If a minute and a half worth of footage is already making our stomachs churn, this may be worth our money. But will this become the movie to inject a new level of terror into a dulled out genre? The critics who saw the film the other night weighed in their thoughts and, well, it’s kind of mixed.

The Good:

  • “Fortunately for all involved, the creators of the new Evil Dead are more than willing to earn their own stripes with the horror fans, and the result is a fast-paced, gut-punch, splatter-fest of a remake that will almost certainly please the old fans, probably entice a bunch of new ones, and thoroughly disgust anyone who happens to think that Evil Dead is some sort of low-key supernatural thriller. In other words, Evil Dead (2013) is one of the goriest wide-release movies I’ve ever seen.” FEARnet
  • ‘Evil Dead’ is a success, one that out-’Evil Dead’s the original movie with even more gore, puke, blood, and dismembered limbs. It may not be wildly inventive, but it is effective, and plenty faithful to the spirit — and tagline — of the first “Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror.” ScreenCrush


The So-So:

  • “Instead, “Evil Dead,” a studio-produced take on the demon possession mayhem at a now-iconic cabin in the woods, delivers a slick and undeniably wild ride by re-purposing the original premise in body horror terms. With simpler aims and oodles of blood, the new movie is a watered down scare-fest that works in spite of its formula by constantly frightening audiences into submission.” IndieWire
  • “The most interesting thing about the Evil Dead remake isn’t the movie itself, which is generally unremarkable and not particularly special, but the amount of violence in the film. This is a gory movie – a hyper gory movie, even – not quite a splatter film but closer to that than any major studio release I can call to mind. If the cut I saw at SXSW is rated R, this is certainly one of the most relentlessly bloody major releases ever.” Badass Digest


The Bad:

  • “If the original was Raimi’s inventive soufflé of horror and slapstick, in the remake, Alvarez seems content to simply show us the ingredients: a chainsaw, the book of the dead, the classic without knowing how to put them together into anything scary, involving or inventive.” The Playlist
  • “All of which is preamble to set up the fact that Fede Alvarez’s skill with effects shines in his own Evil Dead. But look away from the gore and you’ll see a confused movie that lurches in different directions from one step to the next. It barely establishes a personality of its own beyond the brutal gore.  Appropriately for a film that traffics in bodily dismemberment, Evil Dead ’13 is less than the sum of its parts.” Slashfilm

Will you see the Evil Dead remake when it hits theaters?