Apparently more people want to see Oz The Great And Powerful than some of us imagined. We only realized this once the midnight box office numbers came in, showing that the new Disney prequel has two million bucks in it’s pocket. 

At the same time we shouldn’t really be all that surprised that Disney managed to make two million in its midnight screenings alone. They’ve been doing a lot of heavy marketing for the fantasy property, even throwing it in the Superbowl commercial pool. That doesn’t always guarantee a film’s commercial success, but it helps increase its chances. Either way it looks as if Oz The Great And Powerful will be experiencing a fairly good opening weekend.

It’s funny the kind of track record Disney has with their big blockbuster releases during the month of March. Last year they suffered a severe blow as John Carter fell into the deep recesses of box office hell. But a couple of years before the release of John Carter Disney was reaping in the dough over the crazy success of Alice in Wonderland. We’re not entirely sure how both of those pictures managed to be so different box office wise but, when it comes down to it, they’re both big time fantasies with big budgets and plenty of CG and 3D all around. Either way Oz is doing mighty fine in theaters right now. You should go and check it out, especially in 3D. It’s really worth it.

Are you going to see Oz The Great And Powerful this weekend?

Source: Cinema Blend