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Sigh, OK, to recap, one last time: Mark Hamill has stated the original Star Wars cast were in negotiations to return to the new sequel trilogy of Star Wars films.  Then rumors broke that Harrison Ford was confirmed to return as Han Solo.  Then, just this week, Carrie Fisher confirmed she would return as Princess Leia.  Then, today, we reported that Fisher’s rep issued a statement claiming Fisher was only joking about the casting news and that nothing “has been announced.”  But now, George Lucas has stepped into the fray to confirm the original cast’s negotiations.

Bloomberg Business Week (via /Film) has published an interesting profile on Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, and all that it entails.  Included in said profile is Lucas letting it slip that even before the purchase, talks were underway with the original trilogy’s actors, and that Disney is simply waiting for the right “whoop-de-do” in which to announce the news:

“We had already signed Mark and Carrie and Harrison—or we were pretty much in final stages of negotiation. So I called them to say, ‘Look, this is what’s going on.’ Maybe I’m not supposed to say that. I think they want to announce that with some big whoop-de-do, but we were negotiating with them. I won’t say whether the negotiations were successful or not.”

So, while he won’t state whether or not the negotiations were successful, it doesn’t seem all that logical that Disney would be planning an announcement “whoop-de-doo” unless they had something positive to announce, i.e., the return of the cast from the original films.  So it seems like it’s only a matter of time at this point.

What do you think of the Star Wars casting news?

Source:  /Film