star wars leia

A Star Wars: Episode VII news item made the rounds yesterday in which Carrie Fisher confirmed her return casting as Princess Leia with a simple “yes” upon being asked if she would appear in the sequel trilogy.  Her answer made sense, as Harrison Ford has already been rumored to return as Han Solo, and Mark Hamill has stated that Disney has approached all the main original cast members about returning.  But now a rep for Fisher is quickly defusing her comment, stating that the actress was only “joking.”

According to /Film, the rep told CNN that “she was joking…nothing has been announced.”

One should note the interesting wording there—nothing has been “announced,” rather than nothing has been “discussed” or “planned.”  As /Film notes, it seems very likely that the original cast has indeed been cast to co-star in the new trilogy, but that Disney is waiting until just the right time to officially announce it.  So in the meantime, any discussion about casting confirmations will be noted as “joking.”

And it isn’t the first time Fisher has “joked” about returning to the series.  In November, the actress stated that it was “common knowledge” that she would be returning for the new Star Wars franchise, before her beleaguered rep had to issue a statement announcing that Fisher’s everything Fisher says about Star Wars “has been tongue in cheek” and that “she hasn’t confirmed anything.”

What do you think of the Star Wars news?

Source:  /Film