jessica chastain

After two years of high profile jobs (including The Tree of Life, The Help, Zero Dark Thirty, Mama among many others) and two Oscar nominations, it’s no surprise that Jessica Chastain is being chased for some very high profile jobs. The latest rumor is that she’s being offer the Jane role in the upcoming reboot of Tarzan.

This comes from The New York Post, and as they normally doesn’t get casting scoops it makes this seem a little sketchy. But word is that Harry Potter helmer David Yates has been working on this for a while now, and has Alexander Skarsgard as his lead and Samuel L. Jackson attached as one of Tarzan’s friends.

The fact that we were hearing casting rumors today is interesting as Yates was attached (after Craig Brewer left the project) in November, and it’s now five months later. Sure, the script could have needed work, and there were the holidays, but generally when you hear a swell of casting rumors it’s all at once, and it means they’re starting to move forward toward production. This five month gap in information may mean that the project has run up against all sorts of problems.

And those problems could include budget for a blockbuster that follows in the footsteps of John Carter, adapting the material (which definitely has some racial tricky points) for a global audience, and just the headaches of making a big budget movie. If the Chastain thing is real, that might just be what they need to move forward.

Would you want to see Jessica Chastain swinging on a vine?