The Resident Evil franchise won’t be dying anytime soon, despite what some fans and critics would like. Next to the Fast and Furious franchise, Resident Evil continues to make a good chunk of money at the box office, enough to warrant more sequels. Well the time’s come for Screen Gems to admit the obvious: we’ll be seeing Resident Evil 6 in theaters next year.

Audiences will be seeing the latest addition to the movie franchise when it’s released in theaters on September 12, 2014, which means that principal photography will begin later on this year. 

Well we are in the midst of another trilogy of sorts for the Resident Evil franchise, so at least story wise the fans will have some form of consistency. While not much has been revealed about the plot as of yet, it’ll be picking up right where it left off as we follow Alice (Milla Jovovich) and company try to survive the post-apocalyptic landscape. Director Paul W.S. Anderson will more than likely be returning in some capacity.

Since the Resident Evil series in some ways has detached itself from the video games it’s based off of, we’re curious to see where Paul W.S. Anderson and company will go next. Alice has been traveling all around in order to beat the system, survive in the infected world. Could there be a possible end in sight? Perhaps, and we’ll be checking out the film when it comes out in theaters to see if there is.

Are you excited for Resident Evil 6?

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