John Oliver, John Stewart

While many people plan to read or “get caught up” on their summer vacation, Jon Stewart has tasked himself with directing a movie while he breaks this summer from The Daily Show. In his steed, John Oliver will serve as replacement host. Not a bad trade off.

Stewart, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will helm Rosewater, an adaptation of Maziar Bahari’s memoir Then They Came for Me: A Family’s Story of Love, Captivity and Survival, which walks through Bahari’s 2009 arrest by the Iranian government. Though he was a journalist simply covering the events, he held for 118 days, where he was interrogated and tortured. Stewart also wrote the adaptation, which means he keeps pretty busy during his off days.

Though it’s hard to say that the Obama administration has given Stewart as many great riffs as the Bush presidency, The Daily Show is still one of the smartest and most engaging shows on television. Like any show that runs that often, it has bum episodes and bits, but Stewart and company have been going strong for years. In the culture of Jay Leno‘s Tonight Show takeovers, any long replacement is cause for concern, and perhaps Stewart will be bit by the directing bug and want to move on. But after a fourteen year run, he’s earned it.

Will you watch a John Oliver led Daily Show?