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Iron Man 3’s new, full trailer (courtesy of Yahoo! Movies) doesn’t exactly add much to what we’ve already seen from previous clips, teasers, commercials, and trailers—Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) appears to be suffering from some sort of posttraumatic stress following the climactic events that took place in New York at the end of The Avengers, the Iron Patriot is now zooming around in with that goofy paintjob, Tony’s pad gets blown up, and Ben Kingsley’s adopted a funky accent and even funkier wardrobe/hair to portray the film’s Osama bin Laden-ish take on classic villain the Mandarin.  So what does the new trailer have?  Lots of expanded looks at all of the above.

Go ahead, check it out, we’ll talk after:

In addition to giving us tiny peeks at Guy Pierce and William Sadler, there’s a brief look at the rumored climax of the film, in which Iron Man arms himself with about 50 automated iron men to take the Mandarin down.  Elsewhere, Tony Stark promises “good old fashioned revenge,” while gal-pal Pepper Potts stares at everything with a constant look of fright.

So, while the new trailer isn’t offering much of anything new, it still looks miles better than the crushing disappointment of Iron Man 2, which is all anyone can ask for.

Directed by Shane Black, Iron Man 3 is set for a May 3 release.

What do you think of the new trailer?