Boy Meets World

The Boy Meets World spin-off (that is definitly happening by now) has cast the last member of the Matthews family. Newcomer Teo Halm is set to play Cory and Topanga’s eldest son, who’s meant to be sort of jock but not really.

Halm will play Elliott, the older brother to Riley (Rowan Blanchard), the series’ lead.

The show, Girl Meets World, picks up with the Matthews now full-grown adults and the parents of two children. We’ll follow the couple’s young daughter Riley and the life lessons that she learns.

Elliott will start off as a sort of “thinking man’s jock,” but his role will change a bit as the series progresses. He’s also described as “good looking, well built, funny and insightful in his observations. Good hearted except for his dedication toward using Riley as his wrestling practice dummy.”

Halm has primarily worked in commercials, but he can also be seen in the upcoming James Franco-directed biopic on the late German writer Charles Bukowski, Bukowski. He plays a young Frank Sullivan.

If you have no idea what Halm looks like, here’s a photo of the young actor. (Note: Isn’t kind of baffling that none of Cory or Topanga’s kids have curly hair?… just saying).

Teo Halm

Girl Meets World is expected to premiere on the Disney Channel later this year.

Are you excited about this spin-off? Does Halm resemble his parents?

Source: Yahoo!, TVLine