Already in the running for one of the greatest TV shows of all time, Mad Men returns this April for its penultimate season. After an intense fifth year, we’re hoping that the show sticks the landing as it heads into its final stretch. And we’re more excited than ever because of this teaser for the new season.

And what you may notice is that it tells you absolutely nothing about this upcoming season. Other than the lack of Elisabeth Moss - which itself isn’t that telling – it’s three stylish images that promote the return of Mad Men on April 7, which is bowing with a two hour premiere. All the regulars, including Jon Hamm, January Jones, Christina Hendricks and more are present, and as the image above suggests, we’re going to see the Draper household struggle as it always does. Here’s that trailer:

At this point — when it comes to season six — we know that Draper and his young wife (Jessica Paré) go on a tropical holiday at some point (perhaps in the premiere), but otherwise… Nada. But that’s the way we like it, especially after last season, with all its ups and downs, and cast members who may or may not have left for good (Moss) and who that are definitely out of the story (we’d joke about it, but we know how spoiler sensitive people can get, even after months and months). We’ll definitely be tuning in April 7.

Are you hooked on Mad Men?