In a rumor that can’t possibly be true, word is now beginning to spread that Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale will be returning to the character of Batman—with Bale playing the character again in The Justice League, and Nolan overseeing the project, just as he has with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

Now, Nolan has repeatedly sworn that he is finished with the character of Batman/Bruce Wayne, and that he will not be making any more Bat-films.  Bale hasn’t sworn off the character entirely, but said he’d only return if Nolan was onboard with a great script.

However, Latino Review (via /Film) has it that following extremely positive reaction to early screening of Man of Steel, Warner Bros. has been angling to place Nolan in a position similar to that of Joss Whedon at Marvel, allowing him to oversee the development of all tentpole superhero projects.  And, as /Film points out, just as Warner Bros. gave Nolan Inception in exchange for him returning to direct The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan would likely have a blank check to make whatever non-superhero films he so desires.

But remember, this is all rumor, even if it does come from the fairly reliable Latino Review, who often break big superhero news.

What do you think of the highly improbable (we hope) rumor?