If the film didn’t cost $195 Million, the opening of Jack the Giant Slayer would probably be a good reason to celebrate. Unfortunately it cost a lot and will probably never make its money back, unless international audiences go for it. It’s a snoozer of a box office weekend, but here are the numbers anyway.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Jack the Giant Slayer $28,010,000 $7,946 $28,010,000
2 Identity Thief $9,706,000 (-30.8%) $3,005 $107,433,000
3  21 and Over $9,000,000 $3,248 $9,000,000
4  The Last Exorcism Part II $8,030,000 $2,974 $8,030,000
5 Snitch $7,700,000 (-41.5%) $3,067 $24,410,000
6 Escape From Planet Earth $6,726,000 (-37.0%) $2,163 $43,213,000
7 Safe Haven $6,300,000 (-39.7%) $2,135 $57,093,000
8 Silver Linings Playbook $5,941,000 (+3.3%) $3,236 $115,521,000
9 A Good Day to Die Hard $4,500,000 (-55.7%) $1,738 $59,624,000
10 Dark Skies $3,556,000 (-56.6%) $1,537 $13,453,000

As a big event film facing stiff competition next week, Jack is in a bad way. It opened a little less than John Carter did, and will probably end up in the $70-$80 Million range. But all the new films opened meekly, with both 21 and Over and The Last Exorcism Part II tanking. But both were relatively cheap, so it’s likely that they will eventually turn a profit.

Otherwise the big news is that Silver Linings is still playing, and that – yes, Virginia, no one really liked A Good Day to Die Hard. Oh, and that Identity Thief has crossed over $100 Million at the box office, which means that that sequel talk is for real. Next week, we get Oz: The Great and Powerful, and that should make handfuls of cash.

Reality Check: eh, about right, went high on the smaller titles, and a little low on Jack.

What did you watch this weekend?