Originally, Disney’s Planes (it’s basically Disney’s Cars but with, you know, planes) was set for a quick direct-to-DVD/Blu-Ray release where it could suffer its indignity as a quick and dirty cash-in quietly and away from the big screen.  Then Disney announced it was retooling the film for a 3D theatrical release.  And today, just for added kicks and the horror of parents everywhere who were already dreading having to sit through this with their kids, Dane Cook is now set to star.

Yes, Dane Cook, the comedian who used social networking to launch himself into the stratosphere of stand-up comedy success (along with stealing jokes).  And his inclusion in Planes should do wonders for the film as long as you ignore the fact that Dane Cook only chooses to star in terrible, terrible movies (Employee of the Month, Good Luck Chuck).

In Planes, Cook will voice Dusty.  Dusty is an airplane who wants nothing more than to compete as an air-racer high in the sky.  The only catch is (duck down, premise coming in!) he has a fear of heights.  See, it’s ironic, because he’s an airplane—with a fear of heights?  Get it?  Sounds like he’ll have to dig pretty deep within himself to find the bravery to follow his dreams, right?

Disney’s Planes is set for an August 9, 2013 release.

What do you think of the Planes news?

Source: /Film