It took awhile but we all officially made it through the 85th Annual Academy Awards. There were a fair share of surprises sprinkled throughout the slightly entertaining broadcast, but now is not the time to gush about how happy we are that some people won. It’s time to examine this year’s list of winners and reflect on whether or not their wins were, well, deserved to be blunt.

First let’s touch upon some of the biggest surprises of the broadcast, which was the first big attention-grabber of the awards ceremony. Let’s face it, Seth MacFarlane‘s opening act was a little too drawn out. But once they announced that Christoph Waltz won for his role in Django Unchained, that was when it got interesting. The rest of the night continued on as we endured slightly awkward musical numbers wedged in between some of the bigger awards given out during the ceremony. Claudio Miranda’s win for cinematography in Life of Pi was a little surprising but earned if you consider what he was able to do behind with a set that was mostly blue screen. And while Brave was okay, nobody thought it would win best animated feature over Frankenweenie or even Wreck-It Ralph. Let’s not forget the tie for sound editing. If you want to know the rest of the winners for this year’s Academy Awards, click on the link here.

Now that we know who won, what do we make of it all? We were happy that Daniel Day-Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence won, but they were shoe-ins for the award for months. Ang Lee? A good chunk of people were placing their bets on Steven Spielberg, which makes this an upset, but not a terrible one (Spielberg already has two directing Oscars). There were even quite a few people who thought hey, maybe this’ll be the year when the write-in vote will be implemented and Ben Affleck will randomly win the Oscar for Best Director. While that’s honorable to think that, the new voting system was so clunky this year that it would’ve been near impossible to do. The awards given out to the likes of Lincoln and Argo were very much deserved, and while Amour got a lot of nomination love, it was a bit obvious that the picture would only win best foreign feature.

the biggest surprise was the love shown for Django Unchained and Life of Pi, but pretty much everything else was by the book. Anne Hathaway had that award on lock when she signed up for the role in Les Miserables, but this year showed what most years show: most of the prognosticators are wrong, and there is no Nate Silver of the Oscars.  Even Nate Silver himself, who went four for six.

As for the broadcast itself, Seth MacFarlane continued to rightfully offend everybody in the audience with his jokes, they weren’t that funny, causing the show to almost flatline during the opening act. Somebody was bit by the movie musical bug because there were several song and dance performances throughout the broadcast that felt like endurance tests. That’s not to say that musical numbers are bad, but they at this volume, and then only performing some of the best original song nominees… It’s a valiant effort but it didn’t really work out too well. And we were secretly hoping that they would have brought back the short live performances for the Best Original Song presentation but that didn’t happen. This year’s Oscars broadcast was a little clunky but a bit easier to take in than the last two years. At least their heart was in the right place.

And for those who loved or hated MacFarlane’s performance, the good news or bad news is he said he won’t return next year.

What did you think of this year’s Academy Awards? Do you agree with the list of winners? Why or why not?