Prestigious awards shows don’t like to be caught off guard. When Adele won Best Pop Vocal Performance at the Grammys, and a TV reporter sneaked onstage to tell her he loved her, he was arrested for his spur-of-the-moment bit. At the Oscars, Kristina Reed, producer of the short film Paperman, was temporarily kicked out of Sunday’s ceremony for a harmless prank.

When Paperman won the Oscar for Best Animated Short, Reed instantly celebrated by throwing paper airplanes with kisses on them. But security caught her in the act and asked her to leave the event.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to see those paper planes because she was sitting in one of the balconies, no where near the stage. Thankfully, Reed only left the ceremony for a few minutes. Security actually brought her back to her seat (probably ashamed for kicking out an Oscar winning producer).

Paperman is the short film that played ahead of Wreck-It Ralph (which lost to Brave) in theaters. The black and white film tells the story of a guy who notices a woman on the train platform and then in the office window across the street from his job building. Stuck in a paper-pushing prison of an office, he does his best to catch her attention by making paper planes. Eventually, the wind works towards his advantage because they end up together.

Watch the short below:

Do appreciate Disney’s badass behavior?

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