It’s Oscar weekend, which means that people aren’t really going to see the new movies. the best hold of the week went to Silver Linings Playbook, and the two new pictures got topped by a three week old comedy that still fell forty percent.


Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Identity Thief $14,064,000 (-40.6) $4,376 $93,667,000
2 Snitch $13,00,000 $5,177 $13,000,000
3 Escape From Planet Earth $11,013,000 (-30.7) $3,281 $35,144,000
4 Safe Haven $10,600,000 (-50.5) $3,289 $48,062,000
5 A Good Day to Die Hard $10,000,000 (-59.7)
$2,813 $51,802,000
6 Dark Skies $8,850,000 $3,805 $8,900,000
7 Silver Linings Playbook $6,051,000 (-3.1) $2,982 $107,500,000
8 Warm Bodies $4,750,000 (-46.4) $1,778 $58,200,000
9 Side Effects $3,511,000 (-44.0) $1,691 $25,300,000
10 Beautiful Creatures $3,410,000 (-55.0) $1,153 $16,300,000


Identity Thief is clearly going to pass $100 Million at the box office next weekend, so that’s a big number for a film that was slammed by critics who obviously didn’t effect the target demographic. In some ways, like the better than you’d think numbers for Escape From Planet Earth, that’s due to a lack of real competition.

This early season has been flooded with action pictures, mostly starring older actors, so that may also explain why Snitch‘s numbers were weak (though still stronger than some of the more recent action entries). But action fatigue has set in, which may explain why Die Hard 5 dropped like a brick.  The name got people in the door, but it seems like even action fans didn’t care for that one.

But these numbers, while not abysmal, suggests that people weren’t all that interested in movies this weekend. Dark Skies was a miss, and everything else is just playing at this point. But next weekend we start the big movies of the Spring season because it’ll be March next Friday. And that means Jack the Giant Slayer and more.

Reality Check: I thought Die Hard would hold a little better, and Escape From Planet Earth would die on the vine, But otherwise, numberswise, I was within spitting distance.

What did you watch this weekend?