So far, in the Iron Man 3 poster department, we’ve had Tony Stark doing his upside down Steve Perry-from-Journey impression, a heavily-photoshopped Don Cheadle, and we’ve had Guy Pearce basically staring at some stuff.  Not exactly the most compelling one-sheets, to be sure.  But now we have this—Sir Ben Kingsley as the film’s villain, Mandarin.

While there are some things in the poster that hold true to the comics—the dragon imagery, the jacket, the rings—there are also some pretty intriguing new developments.  Marvel has always been good at cross-pollinating their franchises, so it should come as no surprise that a bullet-riddled helmet belonging to Captain America should also appear in the image, but it also makes one wonder if Mandarin will have a hand in the Captain America franchise, or if Cap will be making an appearance of some sort in Iron Man 3 (Note: a sharp-eyed commenter has noted that the helmet resembles a UN Peacekeeper helmet more than Cap’s–TW).

Either way, you won’t have long to find out, as Shane Black-directed Iron Man 3 opens on May 3.  Until then, you can admire Mandarin’s cool sunglasses and imagine what a nightmare it must be to clean out his shower and sink drains.

What do you think of the new Mandarin poster for Iron Man 3?

Source: Empire (via /Film)