“Possibility Two,” the latest episode of Elementary, deals with Watson’s tutelage as a detective. Plus, there’s also some weird genetics stuff going on. It’s great to see Watson develop her own deductions but the story’s main mystery is a little dull. 

The Players:

  • Director: Seith Mann
  • Writers: Mark Goffman
  • Cast: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill, Dennis Boutsikaris

Episode Title: “Possibility Two”

Sherlock continues to teach Joan how to deduce as a test falls into their lap. A wealthy billionaire pleads with Sherlock to take his case, as he’s convinced someone’s caused his dementia. Sherlock originally turns it down, but when a person’s murdered, questions must be answered.

The Good:

  • Joan Can Deduce Too: Sherlock’s right to keep Joan on her feet, constantly investigating the world. She’s been paying attention, picking up on how he operates. When it came time to show off her skills, she did it with relative ease as Sherlock tested her with visits to a shady dry cleaners. We hope it doesn’t get to the point that she’s so good Sherlock can’t teach her much else.

The So-So:

  • How Did We End Up There?: The conclusion felt a bit jumbled. It’s as if the writer was saying we should wrap everything up in the alloted amount of time instead of letting it drag. When our true villain is revealed, it was a bit underwhelming because most of the crime was solved. There was a third party that did the murder, and this person did an additional criminal act that sounds a lot more complicated than it is. Either way, Sherlock got a couple of people behind bars but it wasn’t that thrilling.
  • The Slow Burn: At first “Possibility Two” is quick on its feet, running at a fine pace. We’re introduced to our distressed character and the track is laid out as to what we’re dealing with. Suddenly the entire episode slows down and doesn’t pick up much until the last 10 minutes. If Joan’s side quest wasn’t more interesting than Sherlock’s case, maybe it would’ve been easier to care about the main story.
  • We Love Joan But…: She didn’t feel too much like herself. The way her character was sculpted for this episode, she felt more like a little girl trying her best to impersonate an adult she admires. Joan’s still there, and Liu does the best with the material she’s given, but Watson appeared to be out of character.
  • Murder #1: At the beginning of the episode, we learned the wealthy man who was suffering from dementia killed his chauffeur. While he was deemed mentally unstable, they never addressed the murder ever again. We’re surprised they didn’t tell us what happened to him.


“Possibility Two” is ambitious but overall a sloppy episode.

Rating: 5/10

Elementary airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on CBS

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