Anything Stan Lee touches, for the most part, at this point will be turned into either a television series or a movie. So when we first found out the news that his latest comic Annihilator is going to receive the big screen treatment, nobody was shocked. 

In typical Stan Lee comic fashion, Annihilator is the story of a Chinese prisoner who willingly lets himself be infused with the strength of several animals in a tricky operation in order to get out of prison. Think of it as Captain America’s Super Soldier Serum, but instead of just getting super strength and a better body, you’re infused with the instincts of several deadly creatures from the animal kingdom, along with his own martial arts skills. It’s not entirely original but hey, we’ll give it a pass since this is a Stan Lee creation.

Producing the latest superhero-like project is Barry Josephson, the same person who helped make Disney’s Enchanted. The script’s already written out by the likes of Dan Gilroy who penned The Bourne Legacy. That immediately makes some of us uncomfortable because The Bourne Legacy was arguably half a story that was cut off by the time we were getting into our final act. Gilroy is a good fit when it comes to dealing with a super powerful character trying to control his own strength, so there is that.

Are you interested in seeing Annihilator?

Source: Slashfilm