The Cartoon Network’s Ben 10—the story of a boy named Ben who can assume the forms of 10 different aliens thanks to a mysterious device he discovers called the Omnitrix—has been quite a success.  Thus far, according to /Film, it has spawned three further TV series, two live-action TV movies and three animated ones, as well as various comic books, video games, and toys.  So it makes sense, of course, that the Emmy-winning TV series would eventually get a film adaptation.  And thanks to Joel Silver, it is.

Silver eventually began developing the film in 2011, and two years have passed with little news on the project.  But now, writer Ryan Engle will be updating a preexisting script by Albert Torres (Henry Poole is Here).  Engle has worked with Silver on the upcoming Liam Neeson film Non-Stop, penned the Black List script On a Clear Day, worked on the video game adaptation of Rampage and the comic book adaptation of The New West, all of which makes him no stranger to adapting preexisting material.

Ben 10 current has no studio or distributor, but that has not derailed Silver’s plans to turn Ben 10 into a cinematic tentpole franchise designed to rake children into theaters.  More on this as it develops.

What do you think of the Ben 10 news?

Source: /Film