This weekend, the movie industry felat celebrates itself by having a gala party and giving 20% or less of the people there awards. It’s a big weekend for movies, except the ones in theaters.

This is a big year for successful Oscar contenders. Of the nominees, Amour has made $4 Million, and Beast of the Southern Wild $12 Million, but the next lowest grosser in Zero Dark Thirty, which is currently at $89 Million, and over $100 Million worldwide. All of the other nominated pictures have made over a hundred million at the box office domestically. The biggest winner worldwide is Life of Pi, which is over half a billion, while both Django Unchained and Les Miserables are both somewhere over $350 Million. The academy has had years where the go mostly with low grossing arthouse films, and maybe there’s one blockbuster among them. This is not one of them. And it also shows that while films like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises can make a billion or more worldwide, there is an audience for R rated and adult pictures (those aren’t always the same thing).

Alas, that does not bode well for Snitch, starring Dwayne Johnson, nor for Dark Skies.

So let’s number it up:

  1. Identity Thief – $13.5 Million
  2. Die Hard 5 – $12.6 Million
  3. Snitch – $11.9 Million
  4. Safe Haven – $11.5 Million
  5. Dark Skies – $9.5 Million

The horror movie is a toss up. It could be good for teenagers if it’s been marketed well to them, which means it could top this weak frame. But it could also die a quick box office death. It could be trumped by Escape from Planet Earth. It’s an unmemorable time of the year, but then we’re coming to some big releases starting next week. March means some big pictures.

What are you going to watch this weekend?