Sam Raimi‘s Oz: The Great and Powerful looks to be following in the tradition of a number of recent films that have tried to update classic fairy tales (or fairy tale movies) for a new generation. And moreso than the previous directors of these films, Raimi has become an old master at this point. Now there’s a clip that shows how he brings new effects to a very familiar world.

And what’s most notable about this clip isn’t the performances of James Franco or Michelle Williams, it’s how Raimi is able to do something that would inconceivable in the 1939 Wizard of Oz (the bubble ride), but also use the imagery and the color design in a way that is completely in keeping with the look and feel of the original film. Hopefully this sensibility applies to the whole film. Here’s that clip.

For many it’s hard to separate Sam Raimi from his horror roots; he was the young whipper-snapper of a filmmaker made The Evil Dead when he was barely twenty. But thirty years later he’s a filmmaker who has movies films in all different genres and made adult thrillers like A Simple Plan, and proved a mastery of big budget effects with his Spider-Man trilogy. But over and over again, Raimi has shown a great affection for older movies and classic Hollywood, which makes him a perfect fit for the material. We shall see when the film is released March 8.

Are you excited for Oz: The Great and Powerful?