Life must be wonderful for filmmaker Justin Lin. He’s directed the recent four Fast & Furious movies, including the stupidly wonderful Fast Five. Now it appears that the director wants a new challenge that has nothing to do with fast cars or Vin Diesel. In fact, he’s going to be diving head first into a new thriller. Color us interested.

The new thriller that Lin will be working on is based off the novel written by Patrick Lee. What’s the title of it? We don’t know because the book hasn’t even been published yet. Warner Bros got into a wonderful bidding war in order to get their hands on the rights, and now that they have it they’re moving forward awfully fast. No word as to who will be writing the script yet, but at least we know what the story’s about.

The untitled thriller centers on ex-special operative Sam Dryden who gets tangled up protecting a young woman who’s in bad with some government agents. It kind of sounds like the plot for some noir-like thriller made in the 1930s to 1940s, which would explain Lin’s attraction to the project. The picture could be done a different number of ways, but with Lin on board at least it won’t be devoid of any wonderful action. Since he just wrapped up filming for Fast & Furious 6, he’s got some time on his hands to get this project off the ground.

Are you interested in seeing Justin Lin direct a non-Fast & Furious movie?

Source: Slashfilm