Though Pixar has made an effort of late to promote its upcoming non-sequel related films (of which we’ve heard mention of three, including the two spoken about two years ago, and a film about the Day of the Dead), they also have the prequel Monsters University, and the sequel Finding Nemo 2 in the works. Perhaps their work will be split between spin offs and original material now, as there’s a new rumor that Toy Story will get a fourth entry in 2015.

This comes from the Colombian website Terra, to which Pixar responded with this tweet:


What that means is that they either aren’t doing it, or aren’t ready to announce that it’s in the works. It’s a classic non-denial denial.

Of late Pixar’s track record at the box office is still tip-top as their most recent film Brave made over a half a billion worldwide, a total achieved by most of their films (and it appears all if inflation is brought in). That said, even though Toy Story 3 was nominated for best picture, sequelitis is a dangerous path for the company in terms of artistic output. Until recently, the studio was seen as a gold standard for excellence in both doing original material, and in terms of its quality. That’s not to say a fourth entry would be by-default creatively bankrupt, but both Toy Story‘s 2 and 3 felt like they had good endings for the series. We just don’t want to see Woody and Buzz make a bad film.

Are you down for Toy Story 4?