Back in the nineties one of the hottest comic books out on the shelves was Spawn. The mixture of the stylized artwork and the dark story lines that had finally become accepted by many comic book fans proved to be the perfect combination, catapulting the comic series to international fame. A few years after Spawn‘s comic book debut, the movie adaptation hit theaters leaving fans very uneasy about the way their favorite hellspawn was portrayed on the big screen. Thankfully Spawn is getting a second chance with the right person on board.

Writer and artist Todd McFarlane was cornered at this year’s Toy Fair and asked about the latest on another Spawn movie or animated series. McFarlane was pleased to announce that not only do they still want to do a movie, possibly a trilogy if they can, but already have a new animated series set up. From the way McFarlane is talking, it sounds like they have either one or two episodes of the series all finished. So why haven’t we seen them yet? Simple: McFarlane wants the movie to come out first before they dish out the animated series.

“We got a guy waiting on the sidelines, an academy award winner on the phone every three weeks going ‘Todd where’s the script? Where’s the script? Where’s the script?’

“The plan would be to do the movie, bring the movie out and then go back on TV with the animation like we did the first time when it first came out. But the cool thing with the animation, and we’ve got 90 minutes all set, ready to go.”

What’s an even bigger tease is this supposed Academy Award-winning actor who’s prodding Todd McFarlane to get the movie going. Now this could be either a Best Actor winner or a Best Supporting Actor winner, so feel free to put your thinking caps on and narrow down the search for us. Also, if you’re interested in sneaking a peek at the HBO animated series that they released back in the late nineties, you can currently watch it on YouTube.

Which Academy Award-winning actor do you think wants to play Spawn?

Source: Cinema Blend