Christian Bale is no stranger to discomfort. He’s put himself through a lot of it to get ready for many roles. He’s a dedicated actor and when he commits to something, he commits. Currently, Bale is in early talks to put himself through a blizzard in Baltasar Kormakur‘s mountain climbing disaster film Everest, about a 1996 expedition that left eight people dead in two days.

This event was depicted in Jon Krauer’s bestselling novel Into Thin Air, but Kormakur’s film will be based on other sources. The first draft of the script comes from Justin Isbell.

Believe it or not, this Everest (which is being developed at Universal), is a lot different from Sony’s Everest. Yes, studios like to produce similar films at the same time. We saw it with Snow White and The Huntsman and Mirror, Mirror, and also with those two upcoming Hercules movies. But Universal and Sony’s projects focus on totally different events. The latter, which stars Tom Hardy (Bane V. Batman… again!), is about a mountaineer named George Mallory, who in the 1920s made three attempts to become the first person to climb Mount Everest.

Though Kormakur’s film is based on the 1996 event, the focus is still unclear. The deal with Bale or Kormakur is not finalized yet, but according to The Wrap, “both seem like strong choices given the material.”

Bale has the physicality of a mountain climber. He played Batman for the past seven years, after all. And Kormakur has experience with things gone wrong. He directed The Deep, about a famous shipwreck in 1984, and he also last year’s Contraband with Mark Wahlberg.

Everest is set to shoot next summer in Nepal and Iceland.

What do you think of Bale’s new project?

Source: /Film