Castle kept us on the edge of our seats in “Target,” the first portion of a two-part story. While investigating the kidnapping of a foreign dignitary, Castle and Beckett discover Alexis has been kidnapped as well. Can they find the girls before it’s too late?

The Players:

  • Director: Bill Roe
  • Writer: David Amann
  • Cast:  Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Penny Johnson Gerald, Molly C. Quinn, Tamala Jones, Susan Sullivan, Karen David, Dylan Walsh

Episode Title: “Target”

Castle and Beckett investigate the kidnapping of Sara El-Masri, a powerful foreign dignitary’s daughter. Castle discovers that Alexis is missing, which creates a somber and chilling atmosphere at the precinct. As the team follows several leads and motives in an effort to find the girls before they are harmed, Castle becomes increasingly worried. Meanwhile, Sara and Alexis work together, devising a plan to escape their captors. When Alexis find access to a phone, the team discovers the girls are in Paris.

The Good:

  • Parent’s Nightmare: Placing Castle in a worst case scenario is the ultimate character development. We saw a new side to him that’s resourceful and boundary-breaking. We saw how far he’ll go for the ones he loves, even if that means bringing harm to others. His relationship with Beckett reaches a new level when he says he’ll never forgive her if she promises to find Alexis and can’t deliver. Nathan Fillion’s performance was stellar.
  • Support System: We see everyone working together when the time is needed. It’s touching that Beckett doesn’t care whether or not Gates sees them hugging or holding hands. Gates instructs the team to do all they can to get Alexis back. We’re glad that she sets aside protocol in the interest of something much larger than romance in the office. Even Martha, who’s the most emotional on the show, gathers her composure.
  • Alexis At Her Best: The qualities we love about Alexis are showcased. She’s level-headed, straight-forward and clever. We’re impressed with her calm resolution in planning their escape. Allowing viewers to discover more information about her captives and hatch a survival plan with her drew us in. It allowed us to feel part of it.
  • That’s Her Ringtone: We have to single out a specific scene that gave us chills. Castle hears Alexis’ ringtone in the lobby, and the filming leaves nothing wanting. The silence is maneuvered to fill us with dread, the funny contact image of Castle on Alexis’ phone catapults us into a sense of gut-wrenching irony. She’s his little girl. Roe does more with less, and we appreciate the communicability of emotion brought on by mere camera angles, silence and object inclusion.
  • Two-Part Story Arc: Two-part episodes are difficult to pull off, but so far we’re still left in suspense. Placing Alexis and Sara in Paris was an unexpected twist that raised many questions. How will they find her outside their jurisdiction? Why Paris, considering the irony of Alexis’ planned trip there with her mother in “Significant Others“?

The Bad:

  • Nothing to Complain About: The heavy, excess feel that usually accompanies such a dramatic turn is absent here.

The Quotes:

  • Gates: “You do whatever you need to do to help him find his little girl.”
  • Martha: “Alexis is her father’s daughter. She is strong.”
  • Beckett: “Why shoot up a van?” Castle: “Maybe Jack Bauer was driving it.”
  • Castle: “Science fiction is not science.”
  • Castle: “So the student becomes the failed student.”
  • Castle: “Remember the girl with the red hair? I’m her father.”
  • Castle: “Hope is just another way to say we’re back to square one.”
  • Castle: “Don’t promise me you will find her unless you can, because I would never forgive you… any more than I could forgive myself.”


“Target” is an exceptional episode. From the flawless acting to the exceptional directing, we are impressed by the turn of events that this storyline presents. Right when we thought Castle couldn’t get any better, it did.

Rating: 10/10

Castle airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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