The biopic.  It’s not always the most respectable variant of the cinematic art form, seeing as how most biopics must crush a lifetime of experiences into a two-hour arc with a beginning, middle, and end, often softening things for Hollywood (I’m looking at you, A Beautiful Mind).  So it’s not with much surprise that Birth of the Dragon, the upcoming Bruce Lee biopic, is going to be an ‘action film origin story’ about the martial arts star/actor.  So there you go.

/Film has it that the film will be written by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele (responsible for writing the Nixon and Ali biopics, which at least weren’t action film origin stories) and will be produced by QED International and Groundswell Productions.

The film’s narrative will launch the true story face-off between Wong Jack Man and Bruce Lee in 1965 San Francisco.  Wong Jack Man was a Kung Fu Master in China—the “most famous,” according to /Film.

The reasons for the duel between the two are shrouded in ambiguity—Wong states he simply answered Lee’s open offer for challengers to fight; Lee, however, maintained that Wong was spurred to fight Lee due to disagreeing with Lee’s training of Caucasian students, and demanded if Lee lost he would no longer be able to teach Caucasian students.

Birth of the Dragon will then follow Lee and Wong as they fight the Hong Kong Triads that ruled San Francisco’s Chinatown at the time.

What do you think of this “biopic” idea?