As much as we’re anticipating the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, we just want to know one thing. Who is Benedict Cumberbatch really playing? Is he the John Harrison that’s been mentioned previously, or is he playing Khan Noonien Singh, he with the wrath and originally played by Ricardo Montalban? Seriously, is knowing the name of the villain a real spoiler, J.J. Abrams? As we wait to find out, here’s a motion poster for the movie.

And here it comes:

Though Abrams is now being inundated with questions about all things Star Wars, and probably will for the next three years, we would love to get a straight answer on this one, because if we go into the movie and it’s revealed at some point after the first ten minutes that Cumberbatch is Khan, we’re pretty much guaranteed to groan loudly. Maybe they went a whole new way with this one, and he isn’t actually Khan, though he still wants his wrath vengeance.

It’s a cool poster thing, that’s for sure, though it builds on previous trailers and the poster that’s already out there. And regardless of who he’s playing, Benedict Cumberbatch is a great choice for a villain. Star Trek Into Darkness is set to open May 17.

Who do you think Cumberbatch is playing?