Well, it’s no surprise that A Good Day to Die Hard ended up on top, but was it a quick victory, or signs of new life in a quarter-century old franchise? We’ll know next week. And as for Beautiful Creatures this weekend… well,  it does not portend well for future young adult fiction. All that and more…

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 A Good Day to Die Hard $25,000,000 $7,036 $33,239,000
2 Identity Thief $23,437,000 (-32.2) $7,405 $70,725,000
3 Safe Haven $21,430,000 $6,649 $30,259,000
4 Escape From Planet Earth $16,066,000 $4,886 $16,066,000
5 Warm Bodies $9,000,000 (-20.7)
$3,107 $50,221,000
6 Beautiful Creatures $7,460,000 $2,529 $10,002,000
7 Side Effects $6,307,000 (-32.2) $2,421 $19,128,000
8 Silver Linings Playbook $6,088,000 (-5.2) $2,765 $98,462,000
9 Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters $3,470,000 (-39.7) $1,650 $49,699,000
10 Zero Dark Thirty $3,100,000 (-22.6) $2,037 $88,029,000


Die Hard may have taken the weekend, but it did ten million less that Identity Thief opened to last weekend, so it may not clear $100 Million domestic, which means it should be the lowest grossing Die Hard movie since the original (which made $83 Million). Internationally, it’s already made $80 Million, which means that all that talk of Die Hard 6 is real, and likely.

Identity Thief is on a clear path to a hundred million domestic, which is a big win for a film that got hammered by critics. But either audiences like it more than the elite, or it was at the right place for a comedy, and people want to laugh at the funny people.

Safe Haven is over $30 Million, and could play strong as a romance picture, and as a WTF picture (spoiler: there’s a big surprise at the ending). Considering the biggest name attached was Nicholas Sparks, it’s likely the film is already in profit. Whereas Escape from Planet Earth – even with no real competition – is dead in the water and will struggle to make $50 Million. That said, Beautiful Creatures is much worse for wear. Though it too lacked a lot of name players, this could have been the start of a franchise, and those numbers suggest that it was an expensive failure.

Warm Bodies crossed $50 Million, which means it’s a hit for what it cost, and Silver Linings is nearing $100, which it will make even if it mostly misses at the Oscars. Zero Dark Thirty is going to get close to $100 Million, but without any big Oscar wins, it’s more likely to top out at $95. So close, but solid numbers regardless.

Reality Check: I thought Die Hard would do a smidge better and everything else a little worse. I was not expecting Escape to have the life to get to $16 Million, but even though it looks terrible it is the only kids film out.

What did you watch this weekend?