In news that is sure to set a good chunk of the internet to implode in on itself, Harrison Ford has agreed to star in J.J. Abrams Star Wars: Episode VII as Han Solo.  Yes, you read the correctly—Harrison Ford is returning as Han Solo.

It’s a savvy move—as many fans of the series are naturally cynical about a sequel trilogy (considering how godawful the prequel trilogy was), having Harrison Ford return as one of the most beloved (and simply cool) characters of the original series lends the new trilogy a legitimacy and nostalgia level the prequels simply couldn’t achieve or sustain with their CGI Tasmanian Devil Yoda and terrible, terrible acting.

Latino Review has the scoop, noting that the deal between Ford and Disney is “a done deal.”

It makes sense that Ford would agree to return, as well—previously he had starred in Morning Glory (which was produced by Abrams), and Regarding Henry (which was written by Abrams).

It is still unclear as to how prominent Ford will be in the new film series; further, before getting too excited, remember that the last time Ford returned as a classic character, we got stuck with the fourth Indiana Jones movie.

What do you think of the Star Wars news?