Robert Rodriquez is busy filming his Sin City sequel, but he found some time to release some photos of Josh Brolin in character. This is the first look we get of Brolin as Dwight, and he looks like a mad man on a mission. Also, Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint is going into television. He’s been cast to play a Kick-Ass-type superhero on a CBS pilot called Super Clyde. We also have a photo of a chocolate John McClane. All that and more below.

  • Rupert Grint Headed To TV: Rupert Grint is getting back into acting, though he’s taking a bit of a different approach. Harry Potter’s best friend will star on CBS’s Super Clyde, a single-camera comedy about “a meek, unassuming fast-food worker who decides to become a super hero.” The show was created by Greg Garcia, the creator of My Name Is Earl, Raising Hope, and Yes, Dear. We’re excited to see Grint back in the game, and he does look like the kind of guy who would be a big comic book reader and then decide to pull a Kick-Ass. Source: Vulture
  • Amanda Seyfried In Talks For A Million Ways To Die: Amanda Seyfried is currently in talks to join Seth McFarlane’s next comedy, A Million Ways To Die. She’ll play the girlfriend of a farmer (MacFarlane), who leaves him after he backs out of a gunfight. Charlize Theron has already been cast as an outlaw’s wife who teaches the farmer how to shoot a gun. Source: Vulture
  • Ryan Gosling Adds Young Actress To Directorial Debut: Saoirse Ronan is the latest to join Ryan Gosling‘s directorial debut How To Catch A Monster. She’s joining Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes and Matt Smith. Source: Deadline
  • House Of Cards Is Doing Great: Hopefully by now you’ve seen all 13-episodes of Netflix’s House Of Cards. If you haven’t, we highly advice you to do so. Not only is it an awesome show about the scheming and backstabbing that goes on in Washington D.C., it’s also a significant show. House of Cards is a game changer, though we don’t know how it’ll affect network TV yet. This week, Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandow came out and said that House of Cards is the site’s most-watched program. Now that’s something! Source: /Film
  • Kevin Spacey’s Jerk Characters: Speaking of House Of Cards, the Celebrity Cafe wrote a piece this week of the top 11 biggest jerks Kevin Spacey has played in the past. Trust us, there’s a lot on his acting resume. Check it out.
  • Superhero Artwork: Artist Marko Manev created a collection of superhero noir art. It’s all black and white, and very simple, but very beautiful. You can check out the artwork at Unreality Magazine. The site also posted a CGI project by Phil Postma, which features nearly all Pixar characters as Marvel and DC superheroes. It’s worth taking a look.
  • Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie: You might have your own ideas/opinions on which Star Wars characters should get solo films… but which characters actually deserve them, might be a better question. The Celebrity Cafe wrote a piece on the 10 Star Wars characters that deserve to have their own movies. Jabba the Hutt in there. Check it out.
  • JAM: Jim and Pam’s relationship was once one the most appealing things about The Office. Their relationship has lost steam, no doubt, but we can always reminisce on the way they were. The Celebrity Cafe published a piece on the best JAM (Jim & Pam) moments in the series. Now that the show is ending, it seems appropriate to look back.
  • Iron Man 3 Website: There’s a new Stark Industries website that we assume was made to promote Shane Black‘s Iron Man 3. There’s not a lot on the website right now, but you might want to bookmark it and check it from time to time. After all, there’s not a lot of time left before the film hits theaters (on May 3rd). Source: /Film


  • The Number Stations Trailer: This year, John Cusack will try to protect Malin Akerman from bad guys in The Numbers Station. In the film, Cusack plays a veteran CIA black ops agent who is given one last chance to redeem himself. The movie hits theaters April 26, 2013. Here’s the trailer:

[via Latino Review]


  • Josh Brolin In Sin City Sequel: Robert Rodriquez released images of Josh Brolin as Dwight in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. One is a behind-the-scenes photo, showing Brolin in a green box. The other is a nice, edited, black and white version of Brolin. Check it out:

[via ComingSoon]

  • Chocolate John McClane: Japan is sweetening up their Die Hard promotion with a bald plush doll of John McClane made entirely of chocolate. Here’s a photo:

[via Cinemablend]

  • The Company You Keep Poster: In The Company You Keep, Shia LaBeouf plays a young journalist in search of a story. The film is set against the rise and fall of the radical anti-war group The Weather Underground. This is Robert Redford‘s ninth film as a director, and he also stars. Check out the brand new poster:

[via ComingSoon]

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