Director David O. Russell must have been so impressed by Jennifer Lawrence‘s acting ability that he had to get her on the next project he landed. Months after committing to the once-titled American Bulls–t, now Abscam, David O. Russell is bringing Jennifer Lawrence into the fold.

David. O Russell isn’t the only person in the production that Jennifer Lawrence is already acquainted with. She’ll be co-starring once again with actor Bradley Cooper along with Christian Bale. Lawrence is set to play Bale’s wife in the story based off the real life events of Abscam, an FBI sting operation ran in the late seventies to eighties that brought down corrupt politicians. Principal photography on the movie is scheduled to begin at some point this year. We smell another Oscar bait picture.

It must be mighty nice to be Jennifer Lawrence right now. She’s been showered with a number of awards for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook and may have a possible Oscar win on the horizon. Hey, she’s been winning every other award she’s been nominated for this year, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see her walk home with the Oscar. We can’t exactly say the same thing about David O. Russell who has a lot of magnificent filmmakers alongside him trying to get their hands on Best Director. But you can’t deny that the Academy absolutely loves Jennifer Lawrence in anything she does.

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence will win Best Actress at this years’ Oscars?

Source: Deadline