As we’ve already heard about the casting of Chris Pratt as Peter Quell in the James Gunn Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy, most of the other pieces of the team (and most of the casting) should start falling into place if they’re going to start shooting soon. But they have to, the film has a scheduled August 2014 release date. the latest word is that Jason Momoa is up for Drax the Destroyer.

This scoop comes from Latino Review, but Momoa is in no way signed. Drax was a human whose family was killed by Thanos (who some of you may remember showed up at the end of The Avengers), and was turned into a powerful warrior by a alien. But with someone like Jason Momoa as your badass, they probably won’t need to do his character with too much CGI.

Though he’s known for his brawn, Momoa has been great when given a chance. He first came to people’s attention after years of television work due to high profile roles in Game of Thrones and as the titular Conan the Barbarian. He recently appeared in the Sylvester Stallone bomb Bullet to the Head, but if more people watched that film, they’d see that Momoa knows how to play. Though he’s got the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he can actually act.  Guardians of the Galaxy is due August 1, 2014, and we’ll keep you updated on all the casting.

Do you think Jason Momoa would make a good Drax?