Hooray, Jon Michael Hill‘s Detective Bell finally got his own episode! While “Details” is a little rough around the edges, Elementary‘s sudden turn of events with its main characters was enough to keep our attention. 

The Players:

  • Director: Sanaa Hamri
  • Writers: Robert Doherty
  • Cast: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill, Paula Garcés

Episode Title: “Details”

Detective Bell is randomly gunned down by an unknown assailant. Sherlock shrinks down the suspects to a specific criminal, and it looks as if the case is closed until the guy’s found dead the next day. Sherlock and Joan dig around and discover that Detective Bell is being framed for that murder. At the same time, Sherlock’s urging Joan to take self-defense courses with an ulterior motive.

The Good:

  • The Big Talk: One of the biggest moments in “Details” was Sherlock’s reveal to Joan. He already knows she’s no longer his sober companion. He found out weeks ago from his father. It’s a sweet scene where Sherlock proposes a deal in order to keep Joan around permanently. We loved seeing her all flustered, practically speechless after his monologue. And yes, of course Joan took the job.
  • More Detective Bell: We like learning more about the side characters. The whole ex-con sibling schtick may be a little cliche, but at least they didn’t make him out to be the killer. They’re both really sweet guys trying to look out for the other.
  • The Frame-Up: Every police district’s been accused of some form of corruption within their ranks. It’s smart how they approach the topic and merge it into the main story as Detective Bell gets put through the ringer over something he ultimately didn’t do.

The So-So:

  • Gotcha!: When you unlock a mystery you want to boast in detail about how right you are. Although we enjoy seeing Sherlock school everybody in the room, his reveal felt particularly long-winded. Yes, there’s a lot of information in this episode, but it felt like the writer anticipated viewers wouldn’t be able to grasp how Sherlock figured it out. Viewers don’t want to be catered to like infants. There’s no need to give us five minutes worth of exposition.
  • The Green Flashbacks: Now we understand why they bug us so much! They bring down Elementary and make it more like an episode of CSI. Sometimes it deals with a murder of the week, but the characters and scenarios are more engaging than anything that’s ever popped up on that show. The least they could do is lose that ridiculous tinting and not make the flashbacks look so out of place.


“Details” is a good step forward in Elementary’s narrative, but it doesn’t hold up well towards the end.

Rating: 7/10

Elementary airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on CBS

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