Universal Pictures really wants to get The Mummy reboot off the ground no matter what. In order to get the job done right, they’ve recruited a high profile screenwriter to get the job done. What we’re confused about is as to why Universal is making these guys write a completely different script rather than touch up the finished one they already have in their possession. It would make things go a little faster if they did the latter.

Universal Studios hired The Hunger Games screenwriter Billy Ray to whip up his own rendition of the classic monster tale. Instead of working off the completed script written by Prometheus scribe Jon Spaihts, they’re going to sit back and see if Billy Ray’s version is better than his. Word has it that if one script isn’t better than the other that they’ll just combine the two in order to deal with their strict production start date, set for later on this year. Universal and director Len Wiseman have their fingers crossed at the moment, hoping that everything will be ready so they can hit their summer 2014 release. Gulp.

No, this definitely doesn’t sound like a great start to this reboot, but you can’t really blame Universal either. They’ve been suffering for the past couple of years from box office tent pole failures, so they want to get this right. Who knows? Maybe they’ll make something equally entertaining as the Brendan Fraser version of The Mummy that came out in 1999, but the way they’re bum-rushing through the script process doesn’t sound great.

Do you want to see another version of The Mummy?

Source: Slashfilm