It’s been eight years since Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn teamed up for 2005′s The Wedding Crashers, and so a reunion picture is not all that surprising (especially with Vaughn coming off last year’s bomb The Watch). Their new team-up The Internship looks to be more of the same, although without the great catchy premise of the earlier film.

And that could hurt. Conventional wisdom points out that women are more susceptible to flings, etc. after being part of a wedding, and so that was a great hook to hang a movie. The Internship follows two former salesman who are hustling to get an internship at Google. Though this is ostensibly a comedy, people losing their jobs to the internet, and adults unable to adapt to new technologies is a very real and very frightening thing. But the trailer has some laughs. Check it out:

The film was directed by Shawn Levy, and he is coming of Real Steel, which is his most critically respected film, but also was meant to be a franchise-starter that underperformed at the box office. So it looks like everyone on board could use a hit. This looks funny enough, and Vaughn hasn’t been overexposed of late, so it could be the sort of film where audiences are happy to see Wilson and Vaughn reunite. Then again, when one of your big jokes in the trailer is a reference to a 30-year-old movie, who’s to say?The Internship opens June 7.

Are you stoked for The Internship?