Because there hasn’t been a reboot or remake announced in the past 8.6777 hours, MGM announced today that they had purchased the rights to the classic science-fiction novel The Shrinking Man by Richard Matheson for a planned film adaptation—making it an ostensible reboot/ remake of The Incredible Shrinking Man, the 1957 classic sci-fi film that also adapted the novel.

According to /Film, Universal had previously owned the rights to the story “for decades,” and until recently had planned to have Brett Ratner direct Eddie Murphy in a comedic remake in which Murphy would have played a magician who shrinks due to magic, which is pretty much the worst idea in the world ever.

Now that the rights have lapsed and MGM has snapped them up, the film studio has even managed to hire Richard Matheson himself, now 86 years old, to write the script with his son, Richard Matheson, Jr.

Previously, Matheson’s novels have been plundered to make such films as The Omega Man, What Dreams May Come, and I Am Legend.  Here’s hoping this film will hew a little closer to the source material, and not feature Will Smith in a woefully misguided savior role.

What do you think of the Shrinking Man news?